The presentations will explore state-of-the-art technology, innovations and applications derived from five areas of vine and wine research.

> The plant and the environment

Terroir and viticultural geography. Soil-climate combinations. Ecophysiology. Vine genetics. Water management. Cultivation practices. Sustainable viticulture. Plant health.

> Grape quality

Development of the berry. Maturation. Biosynthesis of secondary metabolic compounds. Chemical analysis and grape composition. Grape processing and pre-fermentation operations.

> Grape and wine microorganisms

Microbial ecology (identification, interaction). Genomics and genome dynamics. Molecular bases of adaptation to the environment. Physiology and metabolisms of microorganisms of oenological interest and of wine spoilage, and the effects on wine composition and quality.

> Wine chemistry, processes, wine components with physiological effects

Chemical analysis of grapes and wines, analytical development. Grape and wine composition (polyphenols, aromas, polysaccharides, proteins, etc.). Oenological and technological practices and their impact on wine quality. Chemical and physical-chemical reactions and interactions during vinification and maturation. Grape and wine stabilisation and macromolecules. Wine authenticity, traceability during production and storage, processes of wine stabilisation through to bottling, stoppers, gaz control processes and equipment (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.), temperature control, sensors for monitoring harvest parameters and vinification operations. Hygiene and cleaning, food safety and physiological effects in wine production and consumption.

> Sensory analysis and consumer interface: metrology, psychophysics and neurophysiology 

Grape and wine quality-control and sensory-analysis techniques. Sensory perception of grapes and wine associated with sensors and biosensors. New approaches focusing on neurophysiological aspects, the psycho-physiological metrology of tasting and the psychology of tasters. Food safety and physiological effects in wine production and consumption.